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Samsung Dishwashers: Actual or Phantom Leaks, Tubs that Won’t Drain and the “LC” Error Code

Appliance-related water damage can be EXPENSIVE. In 2021, the average water-related insurance claim totaled more than $11,000. And where water damage is afoot, dishwashers are a prime suspect. But as Entrusted, a water restoration company explains, “a dishwasher is designed to work for only 10 years. “ Ignore the “only” – 10 years is what matters. New dishwashers simply shouldn’t leak. And, in fact, most don’t. But owners of Samsung Dishwashers report that not only do Samsung Dishwashers leak – Samsung Dishwashers also display an LC error code that supposedly signals a leak only to discover they can’t find one, or that the tub still is full of water because their Samsung Dishwasher has shut-off mid-cycle and won’t drain, only to start leaking thereafter.

Let’s start with the biggest risk: a leaking dishwasher. Samsung Dishwasher owners have taken to retailer websites en masse to report that Samsung Dishwashers begin to leak shortly after the warranty has expired. A Samsung Dishwasher owner posting under the ever-appropriate handle “Disappointed” reports that his Samsung Dishwasher.

Doesn’t clean, Doesn’t dry, Doesn’t drain – always water puddled inside and now it started leaking on the outside on my kitchen floor. Only had this dishwasher for 18 months!!!

Not 18 years; not even 10 years; 18 MONTHS. And he’s not alone. Numerous other Samsung Dishwasher owners report considerable leaking well inside their Samsung Dishwasher’s service life. User NinaW made similar claims:

Piece of crap. Worked for about a year and then began leaking all over the place. Shortly after it began leaking, it stopped working at all. Called repair and was told it was a “door defect” that wasn’t covered under warranty.

Curiously, however, hundreds of Samsung Dishwasher owners report receiving an LC error code—which supposedly alerts dishwasher owners to a leak—only to find there’s no leak at all. For example, Maddog, an owner who posted to Best Buy’s website, complained that “Normal light flashing ,spoke to a samsung tech, told me it was an easy fix ,it is a leak sensor just to shut off the power by the circuit breaker take off the kick plate add a fan to dry the sensor over 24 hours still not working.18 months old dishwasher.” That’s right – while some owners claim Samsung Dishwashers leak but don’t alert them, others claim their Samsung Dishwasher constantly displays an “LC” error when no leak is present. JohnfromWMass reports that

Disappointed. It almost reached 2 years without breaking…almost. The sensor that is supposed to detect leaks has failed and now the unit displays “LC” even after disconnecting the power for a day. This is a common problem (per the internet)….

In fact, YouTube is inundated with videos suggesting workarounds for Samsung Dishwashers with an LC error code, including turning Samsung Dishwashers on their side and leaving them open to allow moisture on a sensor to dry, or taping the Samsung Dishwasher leak sensor higher up in the dishwasher’s assembly to prevent it from coming into contact with water at all.



But those aren’t solutions – if the Samsung Dishwasher’s leak sensor is defective, Samsung needs to fix it rather than leave its customers “out to dry.”

If you own a Samsung dishwasher that isn’t working due to a leak, or is displaying an LC error code, and have been forced to undertake expensive repairs outside the warranty period, then you should consider contacting knowledgeable class action attorneys to discuss how to hold Frigidaire accountable. For its part, the national plaintiff’s firm Cafferty Clobes Meriwether & Sprengel is investigating Samsung’s defective dishwashers and would be happy to take your call and discuss potential claims.


March 10, 2022