Product Defects

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Expensive—the GE Top Loading Washer Story

GE Washers are touted as “reliable,” and “efficient, with advanced technologies and superior settings” that save consumers “time and money.” This bluster from GE, however, is more than a bit disingenuous, as numerous GE Top Loading Washers have suffered from defects that cause them to be excessively loud during the spin cycle operation, as well as shake, vibrate and “walk,” or move away from its dedicated space. Other complaints include that the GE Washers do not spin, agitate, complete cycles, or that they stop mid cycle and drain too early. These defects can cause a GE Washer to take hours to complete a load of laundry, as the loads can become unbalanced (“out of balance” or “OOB”), which causes the machine to vibrate and shake, interrupting various cycles. These defects not only cause the GE Washers to become extremely loud, shake, “walk” and vibrate, but also to fail to fully complete their cycles, resulting in unwashed clothes. The defect effects the following models:


·         GTWN7450D ·         GTWN8255D ·         GHWN8355D
·         GTWN7450H ·         GHWN8350D ·         GHWS8355H
·         GTAN8250D ·         GHWS8350H ·         GTWS8355H
·         GTWN8250D ·         GTWS8350H ·         GTAS8450D
·         GTWS8450D ·         GTAS8655D ·         GTWS8655D
·         GTWS8455D ·         GTWS8650D ·         GTW680BSJ4WS
·         GTW460AMJ0WW ·         GTW485ASJ0WS ·         GTW490ACJ0WS
·         GTW460ASJ0WW ·         GTW485ASJ1WS ·         GTW490ACJ0WW
·         GTW460AMJ2WW ·         GTW680BSJ0WS ·         GTW490ACJ1WS
·         GTW460AMJ3WW ·         GTW680BSJ1WS ·         GTW490ACJ1WW
·         GTW220ACK0WW ·         GTW460ASJ0WW ·         GTW460ASJ5WW
·         GTW220ACK1WW ·         GTW460ASJ1WW ·         GTW460ASJ6WW
·         GTW220ACK2WW ·         GTW460ASJ2WW ·         GTW485ASJ0WS
·         GTW330ASK0WW ·         GTW460ASJ3WW ·         GTW485ASJ0WW
·         GTW330ASK1WW ·         GTW460ASJ4WW ·         GTW485ASJ1WS
·         GTW490ACJ0WS ·         GTW490ACJ2WS ·         GTW485ASJ2WS
·         GTW490ACJ0WW ·         GTW490ACJ2WW ·         GTW485ASJ3WS
·         GTW490ACJ1WS ·         GTW490ACJ3WS ·         GTW680BSJ0WS
·         GTW490ACJ1WW ·         GTW490ACJ3WW ·         GTW680BSJ1WS
·         HTW200ASK0WW ·         HTW240ASK0WS ·         GTW680BSJ2WS
·         HTW200ASK1WW ·         HTW240ASK1WS ·         GTW680BSJ3WS
·         GTW220ACK3WW ·         GTW680BSJ5WS ·         GTW490ACJ5WW
·         GTW330ASK2WW ·         GTW685BPL0DG ·         GTW750CSL0WS
·         GTW460ASJ7WW ·         GTW685BSL0WS ·         HTW200ASK2WW
·         GTW485ASJ4WS ·         GTW750CPL0DG ·         HTW240ASK2WS
·         GTW220ACK1 – 4 ·         GTW490ACJ0 – 4 ·         GTW750CPL0DG
·         GTW330ASK0 – 3 ·         GTW680BPL0 ·         GTW750CSL0WS
·         GTW460AMJ0 – 4 ·         GTW680BSJ0 – 5 ·         HTW200ASK0 – 3
·         GTW460ASJ0 – 8 ·         GTW685BPL0DG ·         HTW240ASK0 – 3
·         GTW485ASJ0 – 4 ·         GTW685BSL0WS  


Typical repairs for the excessive noise, shaking, or vibration typically involve replacing the tub bearing, which tends to come loose and exacerbate the symptoms. GE has also attempted to fix the defects by issuing software updates for the defective washers—including updates on August 4, 2016, December 16, 2017, and July 13, 2018—but none of the updates have resolved the excessive noise, shaking, or vibration GE top loading washers experience.

Pictured: “out-of-balance issues”

To hear consumers tell it:

I have had this washer just over a year. Why you shouldn’t buy this model: it takes forever to wash a load. It stops constantly to “check” the water level. It is loud. My home office is right beside the laundry room – has been for years. It is loud for every cycle. The clothes come out a tangled mess. Socks in sleeves and wadded all together. Everything needs ironed. The clothes come out with soap on them. (We put soap in 1st and add extra water.) I can’t open the lid without it stopping the washer and having to restart it. It has a musty smell when not in use. I have run vinegar through the lines and empty loads, in 30+years- I have never smelled stale water from the washer.


Just bought GE Washer and dryer last week. The washer is terrible – so noisy. It is in our laundry room and the noise is terrible. GE tech came out and said they all make this noise. If this was on display on the store it definitely would not sell. It sounds like something is loudly rubbing and will wear something. I ended up purchasing a service contract (which I rarely buy) from the repairman as I thought I would probably need it as this sound seems wearing. I’ve always been pleased with GE appliances and we have the profile micro, dishwasher and glass top stove but I will never buy GE again as I don’t believe this noise is in all their washers as the technician said. Don’t buy GE!


I wish I had kept the washer I had before this one. I bought the pair of GE Profile series washer and dryer. I have never had a problem with the dryer but the washing machine is a different story. It sounded like an airplane when it was running from day one. It does not have the regular type agitator. This one is supposed to save on water but NEVER puts enough water to wash the clothes. I always have to add water from a pitcher I keep in the stationary tube in the utility room.


We bought a GTW460ASJ9WW top-loading washing machine on in November 2018. We were told about the new “features”, which include not putting as much water in the washer and not as quiet as our old GE profile washer. I can deal with the water issue by adjusting the water level. However, it’s noisier than the old washer, and the old one needed a new transmission. It is extremely noisy. It dances all over the floor, no matter whether it’s loaded with a lot of clothes or a few. It sounds like a helicopter taking off when it goes into the spin cycle.


Do not buy a GE washer. They simply don’t honor their warranty. If you are willing to spend 10 hours trying to get service, they may send someone in between 30-60 days. Even that is not guaranteed. Our washer broke less than 7 months after it was installed. Out complaints and requests have been ignored. We went up the chain and each time they say there is nothing they can do. They have finally offered $50 for our inconvenience but no fix. If you buy any GE product, be prepared for no warranty service.


GE, meanwhile, is well aware of the excessive noise, shaking, vibration and walking customers have encountered, as they have not only responded to countless complaints on websites for Home Depot, but also began issuing TSBs on this and related issues in 2014. Nevertheless, they have continued to saddle consumers with defective products, rather than take the washers off the market or create a long-lasting solution (at no cost to the customer). Considering that GE Washers can cost around $700, it is inconceivable that they have such fundamental problems. If you have also experienced the excessive noise, shaking, vibration or walking in the GE Top Loading Washers, you should look into hiring an attorney to get back your money. For its part, the national Plaintiffs’ firm Cafferty Clobes Meriwether Sprengel LLP is investigating GE’s behavior, and would be happy to take your call to discuss any potential claims you may have.


May 6, 2019