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Defective Frigidaire Dishwashers Are a Pandora’s Box of Problems

Frigidaire-brand appliances manufactured by Electrolux have long been considered “luxury” items. Although less expensive than premium brands like Viking, Frigidaire sells appliances like its dishwashers at a considerable premium over competitive offerings. Unfortunately, Frigidaire dishwashers simply do not live up to the hype as consumers report a slew of errors, defects and broken parts that lead Frigidaire dishwashers to break, if not become completely inoperable.

According to consumers, the Frigidaire dishwasher’s latch is defective and often breaks, or does not latch completely; and if the door doesn’t latch, the dishwasher won’t turn on. Worse yet, if a Frigidaire dishwasher’s defective latch is broken, water also may leak and damage the surrounding flooring, forcing consumers to incur even greater costs. As one consumer reports:

In fact, Frigidaire dishwasher latches seem to break or fail so often that a replacement Frigidaire dishwasher latch—which some claim Frigidaire redesigned due to a Defect—has hundreds of reviews on Amazon. As one consumer exclaimed,

“This unit is absolute garbage. Do not buy it!! I never leave reviews unless its bad. I have had this machine for 1 month. Latch on door broke after 3 weeks. Mfctr came out and replace latch, it happened again after 7 days!! Does fridgidaire have any quality control? I want my money back.”

But it’s not just the Frigidaire dishwasher’s latch that appears to be defective. Hundreds of consumers also claim that Frigidaire dishwashers leak or won’t drain due to defects in the pump or motor, that Frigidaire dishwasher control panels and motherboard/circuit boards often fail just after the warranty has expired, or that Frigidaire dishwashers leak near the motor, which also fails, causing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damage to your home.

For example, one homeowner claims his Frigidaire dishwasher’s defective circuit board failed THREE TIMES, including just after the one-year warranty expired. The Frigidaire dishwasher’s circuit board shouldn’t fail EVER unless the circuit board is defective:

Another consumer reports his Frigidaire dishwasher leaked from the bottom and ruined hardwood flooring, barely lasting 6 months:

Frigidaire dishwasher control panels also are reported to be defective: owners claim that Frigidaire Dishwasher control panels fail shortly after purchase, and often continue to fail regardless of how often they’re replaced:

Frigidaire dishwasher control panels are notoriously fickle—requiring dishwasher owners to find just the “right spot” in hopes the button will work—and some homeowners claim the dishwasher’s control panel may be defective and tends to fail due to moisture intrusion. One consumer reported on a dedicated appliance website:

The previous owners of our home said the dishwasher worked fine for them, but it never has for us. It will do one load and does a great job. The green light by clean is on at the end of the cycle. When I try to do the next load, the dishwasher will not start when I push the start button. I have to turn the breaker off and back on. The lights will be flashing, I press clear and all lights go out. Then I can press start and it washes the load….

Most frustrating for owners is that Frigidaire dishwashers seem to be defective in so many different ways that maintaining and repairing defective Frigidaire dishwashers often turns into a game of whackamole. As one consumer complained about defective Frigidaire dishwashers: “DO NOT BUY. Third time we have to have it repaired in 2 years. Touch panel first time and control board plus other parts second time. The second time replaced so many parts he said we have a practically new dishwasher. 6 months later it isn’t working again.” Consumers even claims Frigidaire dishwasher motors are defective, and once the dishwasher’s motor breaks, the dishwasher simply won’t work anymore.

If you own a Frigidaire dishwasher that isn’t working due to a leak, or a defective motor, pump control panel or door latch and have been forced to undertake expensive repairs outside the warranty period, then you should consider contacting knowledgeable class action attorneys to discuss how to hold Frigidaire accountable. For its part, the national plaintiff’s firm Cafferty Clobes Meriwether & Sprengel is investigating Frigidaire’s defective dishwashers and would be happy to take your call and discuss potential claims.


March 9, 2022