Consumer Fraud

Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Bubbles, Peels, Cracks, and Fades


Visitors to the blog are well aware of our concern with (supposedly) durable acrylic deck stains marketed by Rust-Oleum, Olympic and Behr. The story goes that instead of having to re-stain your deck every year in order to preserve your wood, acrylic stains – or “resurfacers” as they are sometimes called – provide long-lasting protection that leaves your deck looking brand new for years to come. In other words, acrylic stains are a miracle product! They may cost a bit more than traditional stains, but manufacturers swear (!!) the added cost is more than offset by the products’ longevity and low-maintenance requirements.

Unfortunately, just like the other big boys, Benjamin Moore’s Arborcoat Deck and Siding Stain may not live up to its promises. Benjamin Moore assures customers that its acrylic stains, which retail for over $60-per-gallon, are:

  • Ideal for pressure-treated lumber, cedar and redwood
  • Excellent color retention and durability
  • Creates a smooth finish
  • Self-priming on most surfaces
  • Premium-quality product with excellent resistance to blistering and peeling
  • Unsurpassed resistance to mildew growth on the stain film
  • Easy application with soap-and-water cleanup

And many customers reportedly are satisfied with Arborcoat shortly after application. Like many other acrylic stains on the market, Arborcoat supposedly goes on smooth and leaves a beautiful finish … but many customers report dissatisfaction as the seasons pass……

Many consumers report that Arborcoat-brand exterior stains have failed within a year of application.  To be sure, initial product reviews in most articles generally suggest that Arborcoat applies with ease and looks great following application. A brief perusal through the comments section, however, quickly reveals that Arborcoat has failed following harsh weather during the Fall and Winter seasons. Indeed, reviews that address Arborcoat’s performance in the months and years following application indicate that Arborcoat has cracked, bubbled and peeled.

If you have purchased Benjamin Moore Arborcoat for use on your home’s deck and have experienced cracking, peeling, bubbling, fading or mold growth soon after purchase, please contact us to learn more about our investigation and how we may be able to help you hold Benjamin Moore accountable.


June 30, 2015