Securities and Commodities Investor Protection

Cafferty Clobes attorneys have been prominently involved in significant class action litigation on behalf of securities and commodities investors and investor classes. Various federal and state statutes provide causes of action to investors injured by fraud, deceptive practices and market manipulation. Our attorneys and the firm, as lead or co-lead counsel, have used them to secure substantial settlements compensating investors.

Much of our litigation on behalf of securities investors has come against leading investment firms, including Merrill Lynch, Prudential Bache Securities, Nuveen Funds and Van Kampen Funds. These and others sold allegedly fraudulent or misrepresented speculative limited partnerships, closed-end mutual funds, real estate limited partnerships, and public securities offerings. We have also sued over patterns of deceptive conduct, as in a securities fraud and racketeering class action lawsuit against the penny stock sales practices of Blinder Robinson’s high-pressure “boiler room” operation that led to a $70 million judgment. Finally, we have participated in securities fraud class actions against the officers and directors of various companies, including Archer-Daniels-Midland, Caremark and Motorola.

On behalf of commodities investors injured by fraud or unlawful manipulation of commodities markets, our attorneys have participated in class actions securing multi-million dollar settlements involving the soybean and soybean futures markets. In another notable case, a $135 million settlement over Sumitomo Copper’s manipulation of the global copper market was one of the largest on record under the Commodities Exchange Act.

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