Consumer Fraud, Protection and Privacy

Cafferty Clobes’s class action litigation protects consumers from fraud, deceptive or harmful sales practices, unfair regulation and violation of their privacy rights. As lead counsel and co-lead counsel, we have secured numerous settlements compensating consumers in various industries for damages from such practices; and in several industries we have changed, or are working to change, the practices themselves.

Much of our antitrust litigation seeks to protect consumers from excess costs and prices imposed by alleged anticompetitive company conduct. Consumers of cellular telephone service and pharmaceuticals have received settlements providing hundreds of millions of dollars in pricing benefits, excess cost recovery and debt relief through class action litigation aimed at increasing industry competition. Settled lawsuits involving air travel, insurance premiums and a number of name brand prescription drugs target similar consumer benefits.

Our attorneys have substantial experience assisting financial services customers victimized by fraudulent sales practices. Our litigation aims at securing settlements for insurance policyholders who did not receive insurance they paid for, whose insurance was canceled unjustly and without warning, and who were victimized by policies that paid few benefits for the excessive premiums charged. Similarly we help compensate investors coerced or deceived by stockbrokers into purchasing fraudulent or misrepresented securities and other financial instruments, or who suffered losses from the illegal manipulation of commodities trading.

Consumer protection law for such technology-intensive industries as telecommunications and e-commerce continues to evolve, and Cafferty Clobes attorneys play a leading role.  As co-lead counsel we secured monetary compensation and procedural change from e-commerce giant and its Internet service provider because they secretly collected personally identifying user information without consent–a settlement endorsed by the Federal Trade Commission.

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