Cafferty Clobes attorneys are well versed in the federal and state antitrust laws that protect the public interest by ensuring market competition. These laws allow private parties to file suit to recover damages for injuries caused by antitrust violations. Our firm has participated in antitrust litigation involving a variety of industries and has helped secure substantial settlements for the benefit of classes harmed by alleged anticompetitive practices.

Airlines. As co-lead counsel in litigation against the major airlines over an alleged conspiracy to fix the amount of commissions, we helped secure an $87 million settlement for the benefit of a class of travel agents.

Telecommunications. In cases alleging conspiracies to fix prices for cellular telephone service in California’s three largest markets, we served as co-lead counsel for classes of cellular telephone customers, helping to secure settlements worth more than $200 million in pricing benefits and consumer debt release.

Pharmaceuticals. We have served in leadership positions in numerous high profile antitrust class actions concerning widely prescribed prescription drugs. These lawsuits benefit consumers and third party payors by seeking to recover damages for the excessive costs imposed by anticompetitive conduct that blocked, delayed or restricted competition from lower-priced, generic versions of the branded drugs. Substantial settlements (aggregating nearly $580 million) have been approved in class actions concerning the drugs Augmentin®, Cardizem®, Coumadin®, Lorazepam, Clorazapate, Paxil®, Relafen®, Synthroid® and TriCor®, among others.

Retailing. Our participation in antitrust litigation against Visa and MasterCard helped secure a $3.3 billion settlement, plus widespread reforms and injunctive relief, for the benefit of retailers. The actions alleged that the credit card companies forced retailers to pay excessive prices for debit card transactions through an illegal “tying arrangement” that forced retailers to accept Visa and MasterCard debit cards in order to be approved to accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

Insurance. We serve as co-lead counsel in pending antitrust litigation alleging that insurance brokers and insurers conspired to allocate customers in a complicated scheme to maximize their own revenues at the expense of their customers. To date, more than $218 million has been recovered in settlements that have already been approved by the court. The approval process is underway for additional settlements worth $41 million.

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