In re NCAA Student Athlete Name & Likeness Licensing Litigation

Summary of Pending Case:

The firm represents former student-athletes who competed for NCAA member colleges or universities on those schools’: (1) “Division I” men’s basketball athletic teams; and (2) “Football Bowl Subdivision” men’s football athletic teams. The case is a multidistrict class action alleging that NCAA, Electronic Arts Inc. and the Collegiate Licensing Company illegally engaged in a price-fixing conspiracy and a group boycott / refusal to deal that unlawfully foreclosed class members from receiving compensation in connection with the commercial exploitation of their images, likenesses and/or names following their cessation of intercollegiate athletic competition. The defendants additionally conspired to deprive plaintiffs from receiving compensation in connection with the use of their names, images, and likenesses in Electronic Arts Inc.’s various NCAA video game products. A consolidated amended class action complaint was filed in March of 2010. The parties are awaiting a decision on Electronic Arts Inc.’s motion to stay the proceedings pending their appeal of the court’s order denying their motion to strike the claims.

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