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Not So EZ-FLO: Are Your EZ-FLO Pipes Causing Issues?

Has your plumbing gone awry? Do any of your home appliances use water supply lines from EZ- FLO International, Inc.? Well, that may not be just a coincidence. According to a number of consumers, EZ-FLO water supply lines—the flexible tubing that is either covered with braided stainless steel or brass, or non-braided plastic, used to supply water to faucets, dishwashers, toilets, ice makers and other household fixtures—have been at the center of leaks around the country­­. These water supply lines often look like this:

Considering the number of different places EZ-FLO water supply lines can be located throughout our homes, this is important information for any consumer! Comments for dishwasher supply lines include:


It has only been installed for 5 months and already the water line is leaking just before the connector. It was a slow drip and ruined our wood floors.

All 6 water supply lines that came leaked and had to be replaced by new ones bought at [L]owes, products were cheap but are not I got what I paid for, I wish I could return just the water lines but I don’t think amazon will allow me to do that. Don’t buy this product unless you only need the power cord.

This is problem is not limited to only water supply lines for dishwashers, however, as consumers of other EZ-FLO water supply line products have lodged similar complaints:


I cannot recommend these to anyone as both hoses leaked immediately upon 1st use. The 90 degree elbow connector was the culprit on both. After repeated attempts to ensure the connection was in place & secure, the problem persisted & left me with lots of water to clean up. I replaced with standard hoses bought from a big box store & they worked as they should with no leaks whatsoever.

Indeed, a class action of insurers has already been initiated, claiming that EZ-FLO “knowingly failed to disclose to consumers and product users that its Supply Lines were subject to serious defects, were unsafe, and posed a substantial risk of failure, in that the coupling nuts would fail, thereby allowing water to escape from the Supply Lines and cause damage to real and person property” (thereby putting the insurers at risk).

With work, family, and day-to-day life, we have enough to worry about at home without also having to worry that our pipes are about to burst at any moment, leaving us to deal with the cleanup. If you or someone you know has EZ-FLO water supply lines for any of their home appliances and has experienced plumbing issues, it may be time to visit an attorney. Cafferty Clobes Meriwether & Sprengel LLP is currently investigating the issue, and would be welcome to speak with you about any potential claims you may have.


June 12, 2017